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Nanjing Polytechnic Institute was found in 1958, which was the factory attaching school of the Largest Chemistry Company in the Far East, Yongli Chemical Industry’s Ammonium Factory. The name of the school altered several times through the history.

The school upgraded to full time vocational college in 2001, was among the first group of provincial demonstration college in 2007, affirmed as the National Mainstay Construction target in 2010 and accepted the inspection in 2014. The name had been changed into Nanjing Polytechnic Institute in 2015

The school is located in the interior of the Jiangbei New Area, a public full time high vocational college under the Jiangsu Provincial Government and Education Bureau.


More than 30 provincial level or above honours include:

“National Demonstration Unit for Employment in Higher Vocational Colleges”,

“Advanced Unit for Graduates Employment in Jiangsu Province”,

“Advanced College for Teaching in Jiangsu Province”,

“Harmonious Campus in Colleges in Jiangsu Province”

“Advanced Unit for Spiritual Civilization Construction in Jiangsu Province”

Jiangsu Province High-skilled Personnel Training Demonstration Base,

Jiangsu Province Safe Campus Construction Model College,

Jiangsu Provincial Civilization Unit


The school covers 50 hectares of land, with floor area of 350,000 meter squares. It has full time students of more than 11,000, and staff of 624 including 486 full-time teachers. 39% of them hold senior tiles and 74.3% hold master or higher degrees. 35% of teachers experienced oversea study. We also hired part-time teachers of 597 from enterprises. The teachers’ five levels echelon of technology leaders, outstanding teachers, specialty leaders, mainstay teachers, and the fresh is completely established.

Teaching Apartments

Chemical Engineering and Material Science College

Biotechnology and Environment College

Intelligent Manufacturing College

Electrical Engineering and Control Science College

Information Sciences and Technology College

Economics and Management College

Aviation and Automobile College

Architecture and Art Design College

International Education School

Continuing Education School

Basic Sciences Department

Social Sciences Department

Physical Education Department

Training Base

International Collaboration and Communication

Honored “National Top 50 Colleges in International Influence”, “Provincial Education Advanced Unit”, “Provincial Oversea Student Education Advanced Unit”

Up till now, NJPI has set collaboration relationship with 80 schools or organizations from 22 countries or regions, sign MoU with 180 units from “the Belt and Road” countries. (Including USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, German, Netherland, Greece, UK, Ireland, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, Singapore, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Finland, Bangladesh, Kenia, Tanzania, and Taiwan)

The school is the Executive Director Unit and Secretary-General unit of the Petro and Chemical Vocational Education ‘The Belt and Road’ Alliance, Secretary-General unit of ASEAN-China Consortium for TVET Cooperation, Vice Chairman unit of Jiangsu Provincial Oversea Students Education and Management Research Society, the only Chinese full-right members of European Association of Institutes for Vocational Training (EVBB), one of the three Chinese members of Community Colleges for International Development (CCID), and constructed the Jiangsu Province Go globally School-Enterprises Talent Information Platform.

The school accepted the visit of Namibia President and First lady in Mar. 31, 2018, and the Bangladesh Deputy Director of Ministry of Education in Mar. 29; started the ASEAN-China Consortium for TVET Cooperation as one of the holders and drafted the “ASEAN-China Consortium for TVET Cooperation Guiyang Consensus” in 2017, held the ASEAN-China Vocational Education Collaboration Discussion in 2016, and held and accepted the Jiangsu-Indonesia International collaboration bilateral meeting, Indonesia Ministry of Industry Training Project, Indonesia Ministry of Education Group, Laos Vocational Education Delegation, Thailand Middle School Delegation, and so on.

The school is a target school of the Study in Jiangsu Project, enrolled more than 500 oversea students from 22 countries for 21 specialties. Overseas students have 100% passed HSK examinations, 100% accepted for applying bachelor enrollments, and 100% awarded university scholarship. It is also awarded for the “Provincial Oversea Students English Excellent Courses” and funded from “Jiangsu College Summer Short Term Project”.

The school held students activities like Chinese-Oversea Students Fraternity, International Cultural Festival, Oversea Students Olympics, Graduation Ceremony, Freshmen Welcome Evening, Listening and Speaking Competition. The school is awarded Nanjing City Foreigners Exit-and-entry Administration Work Outstanding Unit, and the highest of Provincial Scholarship Funding. NJPI top the list of Jiangsu Province in oversea students education by the year of 2017 and 2018.